tomato ketchup pouch 1 kg online small pouch price

May 28,2021

Make a spaghetti or serve with French fries, wandering in front of the supermarket shelves to choose ketchup, you have two choices in front of you at this time, one is bottled, the other is bagged. I want to come back to choose again, In the end, you may close your eyes and take one casually.


tomato ketchup pouch 1 kg online small pouch price


Is the ketchup in a pouch or a bottle?


Whether the ketchup is in a bottle or in a bag, in fact, it does not affect the ketchup in the package. Whether it’s cooking or making dipping sauces, you need to prepare them yourself. If you don’t consider the price, it’s more convenient to use them.


Whether you purchase it for your own use or give it as a gift, there are different recommendations for different situations. Generally speaking, it should be based on the actual situation. It will not be too much trouble to make a plan. Is the ketchup in a bottle or a bag? It depends on demand.


Bottled tomato sauce can easily deteriorate after opening, and it can only be stored for 2 to 3 months even if it is kept in the refrigerator. If there is no refrigeration, the tomato sauce will deteriorate in less than half a month. It is best to pack it in a bag because it has a strong seal and is easy to use. Choose tomato ketchup pouch 1 kg online, you can get small pouch price.


Two types of ketchup storage methods


The tomato paste processed by the following two methods can be stored at room temperature or stored in the refrigerator. Of course, it can be stored in cold storage for a longer time.


If it is a bag of tomato sauce, it is relatively simple, because the bag of tomato sauce is usually squeezed out when eating, the tomato sauce inside will not be contaminated, and the outside air and bacteria will not easily enter the bag. After taking the food, just seal the mouth of the bag again. (The operation of bagged ketchup is easier)


💡 Practical tips for saving and opening ketchup


Method 1: Sprinkle a little salt evenly on the tomato sauce, then pour some cooked cooking oil. Do this after each feeding.


Method 2: Put the tomato sauce in a pot and steam it, then pour a small amount of high white wine or lemon juice. Do not put white wine or lemon juice, just cover 1 to 2 layers of plastic wrap while it is hot, and then tighten the cap.


tomato ketchup pouch 1 kg online small pouch price




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