sustainable packaging with spouted and liquid pouches

May 28,2021

In the 21st century, there is no shortage of ideas and creativity, and all kinds of whimsical ideas have been applied to today's liquid packaging bags. Well, there is no doubt that they are green and are suit for sustainable development.


Liquid packaging bags have a relatively large shopping mall. They play an indispensable role in the daily life of customers. From soy milk for breakfast, juice in the afternoon, to milk before going to bed, and even the packaging of Arabian Dubai oil, they all belong to The category of liquid packaging. Because of this, the demand for liquid packaging is very large, and it is the most important order method for flexible packaging companies.


sustainable packaging with spouted and liquid pouches


The scope of application of liquid packaging bags


Non-hazardous liquefied chemicals


Plasticizers, herbicides, soaps, artificial resins, polyols, surfactants, feed components, alkylating brokers, polyethers, plant foods, artificial latex, organic rubber, and so on


Food items


Mineral water, concentrated fruit product juice, white wine, sorbitol, syrup, artificial additive, palm oil, soy products sauce, rice red or white wine, malt remove, nutritious oil, and so on


Industrial oil


Lubing oil, transformer oil, white oil, lubricating substance ingredients, glycerin, coconut oil, tung oil, industrial equipment oil, gas oil, castor oil, high oil fat, oleic acid, etc.


sustainable packaging with spouted and liquid pouches


Latest Packaging Method For Liquid Packaging Bags


Over the last, liquid packing bags were generally independent bags and also penguin bags. Nevertheless, as customers' requests for the appeal and function of the packaging advance once in a while as well as the need for the whole shopping center, an increasing number of big food as well as refreshments companies pick flat-bottom bag product packaging methods, and also the most preferred one is the eight-side-sealed flat-bottom bag fluid product packaging. Due to its charm and relevancy, it is greatly chosen through a large range of clients.


Square bottom bags for liquid packing bags are actually the mainstream of shopping center and are the preference of meals companies. If adaptable product packaging business can accelerate the intake electrical power and also misuse cost of straight lower bags for liquefied packing, it is going to successfully improve their competition in the market. The display of the five edges of the square base bag and the bigger area than the stand-up penguin bag please the demands of consumers. The square standable base, with plenty of shelve room, matches the development of huge shopping malls as well as grocery stores.


Liquid packaging has high requirements for the sealing performance and heat-sealing strength in the bag making process. When choosing composite bags of different structures, different heat-sealing temperatures, heat-sealing pressures and heat-sealing times need to be set. Once there is a mistake in the operation, the product will become a waste product, the waste rate will increase, and the bag-making cost will increase accordingly. Therefore, this requires flexible packaging companies to understand the functional characteristics of composite bags, proficiently operate related bag making machines and be able to deal with problems in the consumption process in time.


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