“Main Force” of Water and Food Packaging: Plastic

July 28,2021

Due to its stable chemical structure, good film-forming and processing characteristics, and its functions of isolating air, preventing microbial pollution and effectively prolonging the shelf life of food, plastic has become the most used and fastest-growing food packaging material. Its market application exceeds 50% of the total amount of food packaging materials, ranking first among all kinds of food packaging materials, It is the "main force" in the food packaging industry.



Customized Stand Up Plastic Drinking Water Bag

Customized Stand Up Plastic Drinking Water Bag


Plastic packaging and polymeric material 💧

Common materials for plastic food and liquid packaging pouch, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, polyvinylidene chloride, etc., are polymer materials. This kind of material is formed by chemical polymerization of monomers. It has large molecular weight and high stability, and will not easily migrate to food.


⏯In China, for example, food packaging belongs to the supervision category of food safety law. In the national food safety standard general safety requirements for food contact materials and products, the amount of plastic transfer in the case of contact with food shall not exceed 0.01mg/kg, which will not pollute the food.


Formal food packaging and food production enterprises must pass strict evaluation procedures of relevant government departments and product quality inspection to be granted production license. This procedure ensures that packaging materials meet food safety requirements and will not harm human body.


Moreover, there is no scientific evidence that plastic packaging can cause cancer, the cause of which is very complex and cannot be attributed to plastic simply.


Drinking liquid out of plastic bag is safe, however…

Use plastic bags to contain high temperature and fat food, such as hot bun, soybean milk, oil strip, tofu brain, etc. when the plastic bag encounters high temperature or contact with oil food, the plasticizer and other harmful substances may melt out and enter into the food, and then enter the human body through food, which is harmful to health.


drink liquid out of plastic bag safe


drink liquid out of plastic bag safe


Plastic bag + high temperature + grease = toxic

It is suggested that less or no plastic bags be used for food, especially for hot or hot food. From the perspective of environmental protection, it is suggested to bring environmental protection shopping bags to reduce the use of plastic bags and pay attention to the classified recycling of garbage bags.


plastic drink bags wholesale


plastic drink bags wholesale



If we used plastic bags to contain food before, we should not worry too much. As long as the harmful substances do not exceed the national standards, they will not cause harm to the human body, and the human body has metabolic function for harmful substances such as plasticizer. If not consumed in large quantities for a long time, we should not worry too much.




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