How About Side Gusset Beverage Bag

July 26,2021

The mainstream of consumption has changed. Consumer groups represented by the post-90s and post-00s now prefer high-value and easy-to-carry beverage bags. More and more beverages use side gusset bags, often as long as they stand on the shelf attracting young people.


Related research found that Chinese consumers make choices within 3-7 seconds on average, 64% of consumers are more willing to buy products with more attractive packaging, 65% of consumers are willing to pay for green and environmentally friendly products, and 66% of their consumption. Look at other people’s recommendations for shopping.


Side Gusset Beverage Bag


The history of bagged drinks


In the beginning, the bag was used to hold water, and it was first used in the drinking water of NASA as an astronaut. Later, due to the advantages of safety, hygiene, flexibility and convenience of bagged water, flexible packaging of drinking water was obtained in western developed countries. Due to its rapid popularity, 60% of French households use soft-packaged drinking water (also called bag water abroad).

With the advancement of technology, the packaging and production problems of bagged water have been solved. At the same time, in the face of the ever-expanding market demand, more and more companies are eager to try, hoping to find another way in the highly competitive packaged water market and realize transformation and upgrading through "bag water". According to incomplete statistics, more than 1,000 companies across the country have joined the production and sales of bagged water.

Why develop beverage bag

This type of packaging is one of the very good choices for packaging water companies to get out of the predicament, and it also injects new vitality into the long-term development of the packaging water and beverage industries. Compared with traditional packaged water such as bottled and bottled beverages, bagged water and beverages have the advantages of safety, health, hygiene, flexibility, convenience, and environmental protection.

In fact, most of the packaging used nowadays is a "stand-up pouch with spout", which was earlier applied to the jelly category. Nowadays, this kind of self-supporting bag has been upgraded, and the content can be milk tea, lactic acid bacteria drink, or soy milk. This year's Internet celebrity hot drink-popping milk tea is a typical case.

stand-up pouch with spout

Why side gusset pouches?

Well, we have talked about it before. There are many reasons for you to invest in side gusset pouches, its cost, convenient, and functional. More reasons, please refer to our previous blogs about the product, you can get the most useful information.


Where can I get side gusset beverage bag?

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